Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Taking another break from the mystery series. Thanks for all your support on this series, you Boonies really seem to like it. Here's a nice, easy, poem to get your day inspired. Stay Strong and love you guys.

My heart urns and turns
Like a tornando
Blowing across and endless sea of plains.
I wonder and crave for love
Trying to fit the puzzle pieces
Left long ago.
All the misses
And kisses.
That I once held.
Still stir and rumble
Trembling and shaking
All I believe.
Now gloomy and dark
Im still broken apart.
Where do I start?
From the stars above
I know that love
Is still beating.
Its a living and breathing song.
I knew for so long.
Hum and sing
Hope is about to ring.
Into the sky
Where the birds fly.
Over horizons 
Made of gold and bronze
With diamonds laying beneath.
Where I can be free to breathe.
Led by faith and not by sight.

picture: Linn_01_by_D4D1.jpg

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