Sunday, June 8, 2014

20 Letters 1 Clue

The creaks and squeaks of the rose box brought me to the edge of my seat. I start to lean forward  then gravity grasped my body and began my descent then caught the fall. Just the same feeling you get when you dose off in class and your head begins to fall. Anyways, the box, she pulled out 20 hate letters from years back up until a day before his death. 
Are these all from the same person?
As I  observe .

No not exactly... They are all from different people all the hand writing is different.

May I? 

No not at all. She states 

I took three of the letters and laid them out in frount of me. Hmmm...
Ah yes...
Yes of Course!!!

I beg your pardon Mr Hopkins?

But no one has sneezed.
No no Madame! It's what I say when I have discovered something. 

These letters are indeed from
The same person.
And Mrs Johnson, give me some water
She brought it to me and i put some
 on the paper. Mix it with my luminate and there depicted a picture of a women 
Ms Johnson her self!


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