Sunday, November 16, 2014

Among the Rose Petals

Red velvet leaves 
Blow against the bare pavement 
Growing colder
With snow that glows
I still find my slef
Left at a campfire 
Amoung the stars 
With your lips on mine..... 
Build a bridge and get over him.
That's all I hear 
All I see is his face
A bare memory 
Chanting as a ghost from the past.
Breathe I know he means well
Even though I'm stuck in my shell.
Here I walk
Dazed and confused
Wondering what has become of you?
What has become of me?
Was he really here
His scent whisps
And kisses my nose.
I wish him well
I wish him the best
To lay his heart to rest.
My heart tries to be as peace
But my head is in pieces.
What's real? What's fake?
Which road do I take?
Though I grow old each day
It goes by slow every way.
Heartbreak is weaker to mend
Now that's the end
To my nights dreams
Though it seems
You dwell 
In a cell
Of my heart
It tears me apart
In tears I spill
What is my will?
Storms of the night 
Be still 
For there is much more 
For my story to tell.

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