Friday, November 7, 2014

Run Run Away

Crunch and Munch 
Rustle the ground
With each step.
Pounding of my heart 
Begins to blast my ear drums.
Sweat rolls like rain
Over my red cheeks.
The winds bites
Numb my body.
I'm running 
Away till I can't run no more.
I being chased . . .
Through the woods,
By someone I once new.
Their shouts blow
The leaves off the trees.
The hollowness of the forrest
Beings to thinken.
My path ends.
A circle of branches and trunks;
Surround me like a wolf pack
About to pounce their prey.
My breath shortens... 
Turns to gasping...
My vison blurs in and out,
She has caught me.
I see her face!
Like a reflection.
Slowly close my eyes 
With her fingure tips.
I'm chasing myself. 
I heard her say
Run Run Away
For you cannot stay. 

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