Sunday, November 9, 2014


Worthless is my name
Failing is my game 
Every whim 
Every win 
Slips and drips
Out my finger tips
And out my dry lips
I try and try
Then I cry and cry
The pain I gain
From being insane 
Worthless is all I've been called
Just throw me into a fire
And burn my desire
till I'm am ash
At least I will be worth something 
Worthless like rust
Worthless like dust
I wish I could be like the rest
The maybe I'll could be the best.
Worth this life 
Not this jagged knife.

Some days we feel worthless
And weak
Kicked and beaten 
Of our difference
Who cares!
If your hair makes stares
Yellow, red, brown, or even purple
So what if your style 
Doesn't shine a mile
And your laugh cackles
But it should tackle
With your warm embrace
Speading like wild fire.
You are the flame
In this game
Let It shine
Till dawn breaks
And kisses the earth
You are worth it
Like the sun is to the earth
Like the moon is to the stars.
Like air is to the living below.
Full of reds, yellows, greens, and purples too. 
Just be you.

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