Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Light Your Heart

Light of the world.
Let it burn,
Like the stars above.
Never let it die.
As long as you keep,
Me in your heart as you sleep.
Though you travel through the darkness,
Hidden deep within the forest.
The whispering winds
Taunt and touch 
With its fingers
Long and thin
Like a branch.
Calling out your name
As you play its game.
Keep the light close.
Keep it tight...
Loosing sight,
Could end your life.
Keep me with you.
I will protect, 
With this little light of mine
Let it shine a lullaby...
In the strings of your heart.
So our love may never fall apart.
Light the world.
Let it burn 
Like the stars above,
As long as you keep
My name in your sleep.
So that our love may never fall apart.
My dearest love. 

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