Thursday, November 20, 2014


Why can't you leave?
I can feel the needle weave!
In and out with each stitch 
On my throbbing heart.
Why did you leave? 
A cut so deep 
I weep in my sleep.
Trying over and over
Fitting the pieces 
Left behind.
So close
Yet so far
You tore me apart.
I can't take it!
This silence we made!
Say something... 
I miss talking,
And walking, 
Like it was nothing.
I wish you would welcome me,
Back into your world.
But it would be another sword.
Driving through 
Till I close my eyes!
And join the black with no stars 
To light my way.
Why are you still in my head?
I as I lay in bed
I wish I could be at peace
At least.
Wondering if you still care
Or was I another soul you has to bear.

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