Sunday, January 4, 2015


Count to three
One. . .
Two. . .

Why does love exisist?
Hits like a bullet 
Unable to breath
The brain begins to shut down.
Like dying 
But lighter and filled with promise
Once the connection is made 
It will be there
The care in a heart
Never fades for love for others
I've counted to four
Four I've shared my heart
Four I've loved
Four I shared a kiss and a hug.
But eventually they faded away
the fourth pushed me out
The third didn't belong to me
The second I've loved longer than anyone he keeps coming back for me.
The first was my everything my first love, my first kiss, my first heart break
Yet we are nuts for each other. 

Only two stand alone.
The first and the second.
Who will stay?
Love can come and go 
But it's what you do with it
That truly matters 
Remember to count 

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