Thursday, January 8, 2015

Little Girl Everything is Going to Be Ok: The man

                                                                As he was standing
there I heard him mumble to himself.
The end is near
so be careful my dear
The end is near 
I need to prepare
For the end is near.
The man was known as Crazy Ricky
A homeless man
that rather was mentally not there.
My heart went out to him.
Sometimes I wished I was crazy
So the world wouldn't seem so bad.
My feet slowly began to move to the dairy isle
to the cheese
A treasure only my family could afford once in a while
It was nice to have.
While looking the lights
 flickered black inside the store
then back on.
I didn't hear thunder
I look up at the light 
hanging and shining 
just as always.
Puzzled as I was I shrugged it off.
Plus I was done shopping.
I walked along the isle
till the end when the ice cream lays on my left
and bacon on my right.
I could only dream what ice cream would taste like.
I never had it growing up
not once.
I gazed at the beautiful carton of chocolate
and desired for its taste just once.
I looked at what I had
1 dollar for the bread
2 dollars for the cheese.
My heart was crushed I didn't have a enough
for the 2 dollar ice cream.
I looked up and at the corner 
of the isle was something crumbled.
Green and white and torn around the edges.
Slowly I picked it up it was two dollars.
I looked up and down the store, 
no one was to be seen.
I snatched the money and the sweet
and dashed to the counter.
Noticed spoons nearby,
I payed without a word and left out the door.
The sky still looked black and clouded.
But I didn't care my heart soared at the thought of ice cream.
I walked to a nearby park and sat on a bench.
Placed my things beside me and took the carton.
Slowly, I opened the delicate cream 
with the spoon I swiped I dug.
Put it to my lips
and my mind went into dream land.
I had never in my life tasted something so sweet.
Before I could eat the whole thing,
I looked to the side and far in the distance
a figure stood under a lamp post.
Indicating I should head home.
I gathered my things and walked
I gaze over my shoulder
the shadow moved to the bench I sat at.
I started to walk faster
I looked again now at the end of the sidewalk that connected with the street.
He was following me.

To be continued.....

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