Monday, January 26, 2015

Head vs. Heart

I am not loved,
Says the words in my head. 
You are loved by the ones
Who do care and love you
For who you are.

Don't listen to the whispers of your heart
I will only tear you apart.
Listen to your head!
And you will fall fast asleep in your bed
Im not wanted.
Im not needed.
In my head no one cares,
Of my despairs.
Im not worthy...

Listen to your heart
For it will mend, not split apart
And you will smile in your dreams tonight.
You are a beautiful sight.
You are craved.
You are brave.
You are desired
Like a tall drink of water.
In your heart, 
Love sparks and burns those despairs
Love fixes and repairs.

It is for certain
Like an open curtain,
I am a fool
Upon a stool
telling jokes
Only to be choked.
By words of truth,
That cripple my bones.
I am not pretty!
I don't belong.

In this battle that is never ending,
I wish I could have a new beginning.
Cleanse my mind!
Of the pain of time,
I know who loves me.
I know who needs me.
I know who craves me.
I know who thirsts me
And its obviously not you.
You web of lies is no more
I shall break my heart free
And be at peace with thee. 


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