Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Little Girl Everything is Going to Be Ok

In a small town
though the boundaries bound;
mysteries and secrets ring all around.
My story whispers
on every street 
in every creak.
People keep quiet
so it doesn't start a riot.
A clear sky
shines through the night
So tonight listen close
to the story I'm about to host.
As a young girl
I enjoyed beauty
of every flower
every critter.
It brought joy to me.
I am the oldest of my three brothers
but not the tallest. 
Each day I took care
while our parents worked.
Fed and cleaned
whatever they need.
I held my place.
Early tuesday morning,
I got the monkeys up for school
and sent them off.
Then tended to my duties
of counting our goods and supplies.
The cabinets  are quite bare
I started on my way
to town.
The weather looked bleak and meek
clouds hug each other in a huddle
but not a drizzle.
As I entered the edge of town
No one seemed to be there
no man or women.
Just empty streets and tumble weeds.
Although odd
I shrugged it off
I walked about a block
to the general store
and saw in front of me the sky looking blacker
and thicker
Slowly I could feel my heart pounding faster.
As I started for the door.
I opened it as if I saw nothing
And started skimming the isles 
Starting at the bread
I noticed a tall red beard man
standing in the far corner of the isle.

To be Continued....

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