Monday, September 16, 2013


 Remeber forever
Here we stand in the last moment of time we have together. As I leave you we reminse our years together. I recall my slef in the dark waiting for the light to come. Standing alone with just the voices in my head. Watching the world pass by as I wait for hope to come knock. This forrest with stars

 and thick mist is hanging my insanity by a thread. It's waiting to snap off. Being alone has it ways of chanting death as the only tune planted in your soul. As I sat in the usual corner of my life, you noticed me the only one in the room with eyes. My scars didn't seem to matter to you. When you spoke your voice was comfort. It tasted so good after 10 years. You whispered your name, I whispered mine. Instantaneously we become sisters. Shared adventures and experiences together. You brought me out of my shell and taught me to be my slef. Now its a time of endings upon us. I am leaving. I have to go someplace far to share to the world my new being and expand my heart. Goodbyes are not forever only if we keep the memories alive in our hearts. Sisters forever in harmony.

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