Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Voice of C

The Voice of C

 On my heart, 
I have a cage of thorns
Thorns that rip and tear me from my sin
I live with the flashbacks of the past
It haunts me..
It breaths down my spine making me shiver.

The constant beat of the drums pounds and shakes 
Beneath my feet, its the sound of fear crying loudly
 My heart is cold and barren
There is no life, it's empty

It  has been drained by my procrastination
And deceit to those around me.
What have I done to deserve such emptiness?
My impulsive heart has killed so many

I have no sympathy for those in pain in others' hearts
It's how I feed, I grow stronger on each stab wound
To those who are weak!

Why I'm I not satisfied?
Why I'm I not happy?

My heart is a cage of thorns,
caused by sin
It's poison injects into me causing 
An alternate me
I am Pain


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