Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Words

Sound of the Heart Beat 

I feel the cold walls press against the hairs of my skin.
As my body turns cold, there is nothing more for me to do. 
The music slowly fades into silence
Now I'm left here laying down with the walls of stone
I can taste the end of my heart 
Its left cut and empty
Pools of blood surround my body
Im slowly dying, painfully from my committed trust passes
My deeds are done
My dreams are dust
No one will morn if I die 
No one will remember my existence 
No one will miss me
Who I'm I?
Im a nobody, a sinner, a weak link
I dont exist to anyone
I am invisible
The cold earth will whisper no one when I die
The snow will fall peacefully with a tune of sorrow
I am only to become a whispered memory, chanted by the wind

No one is left in my life
For someone to stop me
From ending this crucial fate
There will be no light
There will be no savior to rescue me

The cold barren ice is burying my body
My love who I treasure isn't here to save me
He is dead from a fight he didn't win
Now I will join him in the heavens
Now and forever


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