Monday, September 23, 2013

Attention Seeker

Hey Boondocks this piece is an intro to the special story coming this friday. This is a monologue to 
one of the two characters in the story; the other will come on wednesday. Enjoy! 

The Voice of J

 I've got a sickness, a internal burning desire. I wish I didn't carry it
Here it is on my flesh, underneath my sleeves.
Are my scars from my desire. 
My mouth is corroded with tar

The words that escape
Light it up and burns the flesh of others.
I see them cry and scream as they burn in front of me.
I have nothing kind to say
My mouth is made to hurt
It's a drug to me,
I crave it everyday, 
Every hour it grows stronger

How it works,
I see a helpless victim
My mouth boils like a volcano and spews fire
I can't stop 
I love the thrill and satisfaction it provides me
The feeling of control excites my heart

Drugs help me when I don't get enough
It feels good and relaxing to know
I am in control
My sickness is mad
My sickness burns
My sickness is attention


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