Saturday, September 28, 2013

Voices of J and C

This is a story set in the plains of Montana, its a story of two young men and their struggle through pain
and suffering of their own selves.

Let Go and Be Free

Do you hear it? The notes of the wind chimes . Its sound brushes through the prairie grass as it gradually gets louder and pounds against the mountains. At the base a shimmer of a mirror of water sparkles. As the surrounded green giants click their symbols in the wind.

Not everyone knows him in this town, he is just an ordinary person that is upbeat, laughing, and smiling no matter what mood he is in. He has common thoughts as any teenage boy. No that's not who Jake is it's what he appears to be. He attends a regular high school for the most part. The one with the popularity chart. School was an outlet for him. At home, he faces parents with strict rules and cage him from being himself. Making him feel trapped everyday. Looniness is his only friend he can trust. Neglected and unloved he resorts to getting attention his own way. He schemes a set of words at a victim. Cries out his anger and leaves them hopeless and hurt. It feeds him and satisfies him. When he is not at school he consumes himself with smoking the pain away. As he has no remorse of the pain he has made.


A nice guy with a passion for music and the Montana scenery. Grew up in a broken home with a blinds of sin. To pass the time away he builds drums and rumbles the beat through the mountains. Living the good life with friends. But when he's home trouble quakes the earth. Yelling and arguing every night like a war. Bombs go off and grenades fly in the sky killing thousands. Connor cries as his heart trembles with fear. He can't escape it. As he enters high school, his role model is his brother. The one who he is supposed to look up to turns him deceitful. Educates him to treat women as toys. He has the stubble to love and give affection to women. Only see's them as benefits. This consumes him into the world of the lost. Connor still waits in the dark for someone to save him from his never ending darkness.

These stories are true, these boys struggle with it everyday. With flash-bulb memories it haunts them for the rest of their lives. Why would you consume pain? Look what it does to one's self.
It processes and plays in the mind. Consuming you from the inside out. Make yourself free from pain and leg go of what is holding you back. Living life in fire only makes you weaker.


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