Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Love's Cries

Light My Path

 I hunger for your embrace
To feel your breath against my neck
As you hug me
I crave your love in my heart
You next to me, completes my other half
Yet I am left here in the dark
I loathe the shadow of loneliness
I desire light to touch me
Just a little light...
Its all I want its all I need!
Depression snatched my being!
Agony and Frustation caged me!
Can anyone hear me?
I've been trapped for too long
Someone come and rescue me!
Im slowly suffocating here!
In this filthy thing called life!
I am done and cant take its lashes anymore
Too broken enough to live
Someone give me a sign, 
that you care 
that you exist
Please help me,
I am Love

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