Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lift my Burden

Back from the past 
Did you miss me?
Remember when you were a suck up?
A joke?
A fool?
Remember all the wrong you commited?
Your so impure, you crawl on this earth 
Like a snake. 
Those relationships 
A big mistake.
Except one.
Your first love.
Why is everyone so high and mighty
In their pride. I'm perfect in every way 
Forget it. The same mistakes come from those hearts you take.
Keeping them
In your chamber. 
So you remember your shame
Shouting back at you. 
I want to be lifted of my burden
On my crippling back.
These voices whisper lies
That tie my throat till I can't breathe. 
Lift me up into your hand
To the highest land
Where your eyes shine pure
My heart breaks with your love.
Just when I have given up. 
Your truth has come clear.
Let your voice shake the very ground I stand
With the palm of your hand,
Hold me close 
Till I understand
How much I mean to this world.
Show me the way
Leaving my burden behind
Cause tomorrow can worry about itself. 


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