Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Before I Go

Rock back and forth
The creaks 
Of the wooden chair.
A pair of blue eyes
Stair and escape
Into a memory.
Fall just reached 
Its blossom of colors
Daisy dance with the wind.
"Mommy push me higher."
She cries
The swing pulls back
"Let go mommy."
She flys into the sky
Her feet can touch the clouds.
She fasts forwards
 To under the willow
Where the swallow sings.
Wraps herelf in his arms.
Her lips begin to rest
On his like a pillow.
The kiss bellows beneath her heart.
Makes it stop to skip one beat.
On the hill
The sun kisses the grains
Of the prairie below.
Endless mountains surround her
Melts her eyes in awe.
The place
She could be
Who she wanted to be.
Like a vortex
Sucks back to the chair.
Sudden pools fill her eyes.
drips like a faucet.
Knowing what she is going
To leave behind.
Before she joins the sky
Were the Mellow Larks cry.
High above the clouds
Where peace meets the earth.


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