Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Song

The  chevy
driving for hours and hours.
Chasing the sun as it was about to set.
pulling over 
to our favorite spot
with nothing 
but plains and mountains 
to stare at for miles and miles.
I see that look on your face
that you love me.
As our lips are about to meet
your arm reaches for your guitar.
I wrote you something 
Slowly strum the chords
playing softly but lively.
your sweet rough voice
carries me to a different world.
Every word rains true.

Years have passed
I still remember the song you wrote.
Marking it my song just for me.
Even though our lives are seperate
I still think back to the chevy
the sunsets, the song.
It gets me through
hard aches and heart breaks
that wear me down.
All because
one memory echoes through time.
Never to recede. 

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