Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Time of Giving

The silver bells rings.
And the carolers sing.
The time of Christmas
Is upon us,
Time to wrap packages
For those of all ages.
Hang lights of joy;
With the sound of Christmas noise.
Friends and family gather once again
To receive instead of gain.
But how many people;
Gathered in the steeple 
Are lonely in a time of jolly?
With not a holly
Hung on the wall
To be admired by all.
Family and friends are never more,
But to them they are worth more than a store.
For this holiday,
make it a lasting day.
Of laughter and love
To those lonely doves.
Giving them love and care.
For as one is to bare
Tears of joy and smiles
That last in their hearts once in a while.


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