Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I can barely keep my eyes open
Looking at the sky
I wish there was some other way.
To let my light go,
Lifting my fog
Clogging my heart. 
I just want to feel alive
I just want to get by.
With this world
Of hard hearts.
Though another day parts,
The darkness starts
A new 
Stronger than ever. 
Did I hide my self away 
For too long?
A cloud of dust
Is my home.
Where I will rome,
For the rest of my days.
Till the one finds me
With his light.
Shining bright
As the sun, comes to dawn.
To sing another song,
Of what used to be
With me
So long ago. 
Everything that was perfect,
A distant lie,
A memory.
Fallen down down
Never to return again.

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