Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Life Come To Die?

Mist engulfs the skeletal fingers of the trees standing like giants. 
                       Shadows hide and watch,

 Life come to die.

                          Cackles roar and they rustle through the leaves,
Whispers from the shadows blow like ice onto the ground.
A lost soul has wondered, 
towards the shadows
of the old forrest.

Crows cry from above,
While the shadows laugh.
Watching the child come closer.
Closer and Closer.
The shadows drool anxiously waiting
For their  chance.

Goes the gun sounding the race
The attack has begun.
Seeing the child
swooping in.

Light bursts out of the child's hands
The shadows screams and screeches.
Her eyes glow white 
and blinds them.

Attack they yell 
Hissing and grinning 
Swooping in again 
dissipating when they near the light.

She blasts
a ring of light
like a clap of thunder.
blowing back the trees as they barely hang by their roots.
The shadows scream and hiss!
Falls as the sun rises,
flowers bloom 
and blossom. 
Birds sing
echoing their songs on the mountain tops.
Peace and light have come. 

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