Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Innocence of A Child


Our first cry of life,
Out of the warmth
of the womb.
A sound of joy and love;
Wrapped in swaddling cloth
quietly sleeping.
As our ears open,
A song from the mother
rings, rocking to the rhythm.

Growing and Growing 
stronger and stronger,
crawling across the fibers of the carpet.
Our courage grows 
to walking on two legs.
Then fall down.
Crying from trying.

Putting one foot in front 
of the other.
Headed to school 
holding the tin lunch box.
Printed with barbies or super heros.
Holding hands with mom
Then cries when we let go.

Soon enough teen magazines become our books
Boys " coodies" have been cured.
Drama so becomes our enemy
While making friends that last
Until you leave it all

Is portrayed
the way our hearts
carry the imagination.
Reality consumes
with depression
anxiety, suicide, abuse,and love.
Where did the innocence go?
Of being a child
Care free to  discover life
As if there was no end.
Where has time taken us?

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