Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Heavens

Hey Boondocks! This piece is especially hard to write. My uncle just recently passed at a young age. I have written this piece for anyone who has experienced a close loss. For this piece has a voice from the mother, sister, and niece. Hope you guys like it. Remember your not alone.

Take a breath,
breathe it out.
My love
Is gone.
To the heavens above.
Where he can dance
And prance
In the clouds above.

My dearest, 
I stand at the grave
blurred by my tears.
I have caved.
Without you here
Without you near
I have nothing saved

My brother,
I crave your sound
of your voice
If I had a choice
I would join you
In the heavens above
Flying with doves.

My Uncle,
I hear your laugh
Coming from around me.
It comforts me like a staff.
I miss your presence
But its been long sense 
Ive seen you.

With you gone
nothing is the same
life is no game
Its a sweet song
That will soon come
To an end.

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