Sunday, March 30, 2014


Hey Boondocks! Part two of Sabrina Black will come on Wednesday! As of now todays piece will be about forgiveness. Forgiving those who have hurt or betrayed you even though you hate their guts you still care about them if you are thinking about it constantly. Enjoy.


As fast as the wind blows
As slow
as a falling flake of snow
Time tells all
of my fall
With one I cared
The one I scared
Gave everything good
as he should
Holding my hand
In the warm sand
Love reined it song
But not for long
My heart wrenched
With a stench
of jealousy.
I slash and tear
make you shed a tear.
As we danced
As we pranced
I still loved another
For I damaged you heart
Now we tore apart.
For a year went silence
without violence.
My voice never to rein 
In your life ever again
Until time 
stood still
And all could be forgiven
By my 
mouth to mend the wound

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