Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Call

Hey Boondocks! In this piece it talks about a family member passing. We have all had one pass on. Its a hard time to cope with. In this story, my Great Grandma Nanny, had passed away a day after my birthday. It was hard. She was an inspiration and an incredible women. It has been a year since her passing. I hope you enjoy it and let this piece bring comfort and peace to you.

Every Summer I see you
your loving face
along with the sound of your voice 
that comforts me
it is the song of love ringing through the sky
You held me as a baby 
Now you watched me grow
As I did you whispered
Im proud of you.
The hugs you give are warm
keeps me safe from harm
As time goes by we grow old

Just turning 92 
still just as strong as an ox.
Then you whispered I feel pain
my body is weak. 
My time is coming for me
to be with him.

Those are the words that pound in my heart.
Knowing the time is coming.
I dont want to believe.
I want you to stay here holding me.
Kissing me on the forehead goodnight.
Spending the day with laughs.
Letting you go is hard 
to cope.

The beeps of the hospital bed 
ring as you lay.
So peacefully sleeping as we watch.
Day by day waiting, 
For the moment to cry 
and weep.

March 30th, 2013,  Easter Sunday
it was 10:20 am.
You breathed you last.
Ring Ring Ring.
of the telephone.
A voice on the other end.
Whispered she's gone.
RIP Nanny.

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