Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No More

   All alone in the cold with no one to hold me. 
Lost and confused of who I am
Who I was 
From my written past.
  Endless tears from all the years 
      of pain and emptiness.

Haunt where I've been,
Where I sleep, inside my head.

Raise your glass up high
If you have ever fallen from the sky.
All the worries and sorrow weigh down
Hearts like yours and mine.
As well as our minds
Fogged and clouded 
Dumbfounded we forgot the taste
Of sweet happiness that we onced had.

I walk down the path of bare trees alone 
Covered in powderd snow
I wish light would show 
And kiss my skin

Suddenly light streamed through 
The trees above me
Started to melt into spring   
What I can see 
In frount of me
Made my heart skip a beat.
Hazel eyes and a friendly face
My heartbreak is over It's race.
No more.

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