Sunday, August 24, 2014


Trying to piece everything together
One by one edges match 
Starting to make a picture.
A sunrise warm and bright
Kissing the mountains below
With a merry meadow 
Blankets the ground. 
Suddenly pieces don't fit
Some missing no where in sight
The warm sun turns grey 
Mountains melt and fade away
Meadows turn into ash
Covered by snow.

What life holds and what it gives
Love, beauty, happiness.
A lovely scene.
Not everything comes and goes that way
Storms, hurricanes, tornados blow and blow.
Their worst across the plains 
Of our hearts.
With little hope and faith left.
Life gives a choice, keep it hold it tight.
To the light knowing the best.
Or giving up and losing to what you have to love and live for.
You choose 
Your life depends on it.

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