Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hello? Hello?
Can any one hear me?
I need some hope.
Give me a sign
That your there to fill my despair.
Hiding in my shadow
So long ago, 
I can't see whats in front of me.
Would someone please be there for me?
Someday I'll be, 
Waking up with the sun on my face.
But its the days I embrace
I cant run away from what followed me here.
This monster inside me 
wont leave this behind, 
 Hello? Hello?
Anybody hear me?
Is anyone there?

Shine your light
To my heart
Making my way through the dark
I need a brand new start.
Hello hello
Hear my cry.
Dont let me say goodbye.

Here I am
Come with me
Into the light
Where its warm and bright.
In my arms 
I am here.
Come with me,
Be lost no more.
Forever together 

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