Thursday, August 14, 2014

Above and Beyond

Hey Boondocks! This piece comes from a inspiring old friend of mine. She is amazing and strong of what she has gone through. I would like to share here experience with you. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

My name is Ronnie
Im not famous
Or a model.

Just a regular girl.
I was not dedicated to anything
Nor was I recognized for good deeds.
I rather go unnoticed.
I wear a black hood over my head
with the sweatshirt covering me.
Baggy jeans as well.
Not because I'm over weight,
but rather a stick that just likes the comfort.
My hair is not gorgeous but blond and matted.
Knowing my look, I get made fun of.
Hearing stories like I'm pregnant or starving myself.

Its not like that at all.
From the outside I may look that way.
Inside of me Im shattered.

Ever since I was born, my mom did drugs and went to jail.
My father drank every day till he was drunk.
I don't have much love.
When I was thirteen,
repeatedly damaged by my brother and my father.
Using me for their own pleasure.
One night I ended up in the hospital,
My dad came in to my room 
after he had a few,
grabbed my arms and pinned me.
Proceeded to stab my stomach fives times.
I survived.
I have been trying to runway
Ever since.
One day I won I ran and ran
far away.

Finally, my grandparents took me in,
now Im safe and sound.
My parents don't know where I am.
I glad of it.

Now that I grew up,
looking back at all of what my past holds.
I am stronger
I am smarter
I am loved
All because  I never lost hope.
Difficult as it may seem,
The sun will always gleam 
another day will start a new.
I am a stronger person because of you.

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