Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Love is??

Love is paitent
Love is kind 
It's never boastful
Nor coincided.
Word after word
We hear the same
Love is paitent 
Love is kind
We say it
We feel it
But do we breathe it in?
Let it guide 
Our love?
Love is the closest 
We have to magic
Starts with a spark
Hope and joy fill the soul
Begging to rise above the clouds
Till we fell like we are flying.
But some how ends 
In the dark. 
Us caretakers of love
Leave it to wither and crumble 
Love needs care
Like a plant is with sunlight 
Love needs to be warm and bright 
Like water nutritious to the soil
Love needs attention
Like living creatures need air to breathe
Love needs careful minds
Tend it well
Let it grown and bloom
And pretty soon
Life will begin 
In a sweet song. 
Becareful and treat it well
Who knows what the future will tell.

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