Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Songs that Speak

When the skies are gloom.
When your friends are gone too soon.
Time withers on our bones,
Some are alone
with cold desperate hearts.
From past's clutching frost bite
Others despite,
their pain and grievences
make a few changes.
Lighting the world of its despair
lifting the heavy air.

Making it by 
By just closing our eyes.
Listening to the words,
bold and true.
From music old and new.
Love feels real and expressed
flying in the stars,
Or from a bar.
Rock sings depressed
from words we can never share.
For the one we care 
leaves us heart broken.
Healing comes for those who live on a prayer
and don't stop believing.
Long live Rock and Roll.

Rap comes from the broken.
Parents gone and all the girls in the world.
Money is easy come easy go.
Ladies put on a show
to get noticed by 
the one with all the "doe."
Where is the love?
Brothers and Sisters.

There is one left
The music
close to your heart.
The one you make.
With your story
of your own  glory.
Whether it be through rock, love songs, 
or lullabies that help you sleep at night.
When you have a fright.
What ever it may be
make it true to your heart.
To stay free.

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