Saturday, October 18, 2014

Time is Healing

Someone lift this pain
Squeezing my heart
Tearing me apart.
I fell under your spell
Which ill never regret.
Now only time can ever tell
How you and I heal
From a never ending feel
of being lost 
baring the cost of a broken heart.
shedding tears
Please tell me
I didn't let you down.
Or wasn't good enough.
I try to be happy
and you make it easy
Why cant I?
Where Im I?
Even though 
I cry
Repeating our goodbye
Over and over
In my head.
From all that was said.
I understand
But the pain still stands
Please smile
only if it lasts a while.
Dont worry your little head
you will only hurt.

Im so sorry.
I bid you the best
Farewell for now.

Gracious words are honeycomb and sweet to the soul, healing to the bones.

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