Sunday, October 5, 2014


Clouds float by in a sea,
Like grey volcanic ash
deposits seeds
 passing by.
Blankets the ground
Dying it white
bitting my arms and legs
making them cold to the touch.
Peace rings its bells
Silence whispers
with the winds.
Covered in ash
as so it may be
Smiling my purple lips
As love warms
my viens.
Nothing is better
than wonderland.
With endless thoughts in my head.
As street lights leading my way.
I can't help but look
at the light streaming through
the houses along the street.
Watching families
read bedtime stories
or have a good snuggle
by a fire.
For in my heart I desire
To have a such love.
For i am alone
for my family is now
marked with headstone.
Still I have hope
and smiles.
Lasting me a lifetime.

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