Sunday, October 12, 2014

Labels of Kindness

Preps say, "Im better."
Athletes cry,"Im tougher."
Nerds calculate, " We are the force raise your sonic screwdrivers."
Goths mumble "We work in black. . . Batman!"
Hippies and Skaters, "Live in peace and light your candles and just ride life."
Outcasts and Nobodies, " Live like friends, Love like family."

All the voices 
And choices
of whatever we are
We are all just psycho in our own ways.
Making life interesting 
Instead of its sting.
Labels all and all
make the tears fall.
We are who we are in our hearts.
The world may label
But we are able
to make a difference.
Through the brilliance
Of laughs, wonder, creativity.
The world is our canvas
glowing with brightness.
So I say 
Make someone's day
Calling them beautiful, awesome, smart.
You just might make a friend today.

If you can't understand others, you can't understand yourself.

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