Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Back against the wall
screaming in agony
Im covered in bear claws
with a blanket of blood 
surrounding me.
drawing closer to the 
the cold keeps me awake
and revived 
If I sleep I die. 
Chains bolted
To this stone cell
Kick and pull 
No budge,
No freedom.
I know I did wrong 
Why did I deserve this?
I'm a bird in a cage 
No way out
No air to soar
And let out a roar.
Form pools
From the tears I shed.
Who can save me?
From a cave 
Of my own doing.
No one except my self.

Mistakes is what life is made of
Locking our selves 
In a cell 
When we can't handle it all.
Only to be consumed 
From our own ghosts
Passing through 
Screaming all the wrong doing.
Burying deeper and deeper.
To escape 
There one way 
Free and follow 
Your heart 
And you can break through walls.


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