Tuesday, October 21, 2014

China Doll

One in a millon
stars in the sky
will burst and scatter like dust.
While I blister rust
the beauty in me
seems to be
fading like a star
Oh so far.
Though I look
Im an open book
lines go on
like a song hundred pages long.
Their highs and lows
their fasts and slows.
I stay at the edge of the cliff
As if,
Something is waiting for me
My porcelain legs
Dangle and kick
The brass trunk that makes me sick
My blue dress faded
My hair saraded 
My face cracked and broken
One hole is a size of a tolken.
Beauty was my friend but left
Kindness departed 
Rosy thrown out
And tossed about.
All alone 
In a dark empty room
 Grey and gloom
Endless rain
Leaves a stain
Remembering my pain.
Who will hold me now?
Call me theirs
Lifting my despaire.
My wish to be held
Once more
By a child I adore.

Picture http://www.deviantart.com/art/China-Doll-273701518

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