Sunday, February 9, 2014

Be at Peace

Hey Boondocks! The next segment of my chapter of home will be on Wednesday. Until then enjoy this poetry! Stay Strong!


Fireflies dance in the night.
Oh what a sight!
Feel the cold, 
With a touch of warmth
from a distant fire.
Watch the smoke
as it dissipates into the stars.
Clear and bright
Framed by the trees.

Let your mind and soul roam. 
Free into the sky.
Let you heart be at peace,
For tonight nothing can harm you
Not even your self.

Take this moment and treasure.
Its beauty,
deep within the locket of your heart.
For tonight you can breathe,
At last
Without all the pain,
and agony's grasp.
Let your anxiety flee to the moon above.
You are free at last
Let it take you, 
To wonders unknown. 

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