Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hey Boondocks! This is a piece of a book I am wanting to work on and its about a small town girl who is taken from her mother who has given her up for adaption. Will she ever know? Even after 17 long years? Stay tuned and enjoy!

When I first entered the earth
I could feel the sun and the air 
on my face.
It felt warm and bright.
A sign of welcome
into my future
and where I would die.
Everything seems
So innocent and pure.
As I stair into the eyes of my 
mother I feel her heart beat
the sound of comfort 
to warm me when I'm lost
Everything feel into place 
Until one dark day, 
in the mists of my sleep
I was taken from 
the warm safe haven

Cold claws lifted me up
I screamed and cried
for my mother.
She was in tears but didn't stop them
I cried and kicked
Then everything went black.

17 years later... 
Making my way back from school,
or the dungeon,
I isolate my mind
on the open pavement.
Peddling in the smooth sun;
my favorite moment on a May afternoon
Just ride and ride to my hearts content.
I get to the familiar green lawn
With the pink flower garden, 
and a white decked porch, 
creating the entrance to the yellow house
I call home.
From outside I can smell 
my mother's sweet pie.
The smell draws me in

"Hello": Mom
Hey Mom i said cheerfully.
"How was school today?"
"It was good but one of my teachers picked on me."
"Oh how so?"
"Well after class he pulled me aside and asked why I didn't look like my family."

To Be Continued...

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