Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Unspoken Gift

Come  close
closer to my lips that you 
ever so desire.
Six years of endless love
I finally bring to a close
I deceive you.
Taking your love
your heart and locking it up;
never to be seen again.
I own your love.
For me,
I crave for your tears
As you sit
 with unspoken fear.
Streaming like a river through your veins
Watching you suffer
makes me grow stronger.

My body is withered and weak
But I see right through you
For you have been hurt
by a many
This is your revenge
a satisfaction of fear
To hate, to replace the pain from love.
Taking the beauty out of everything
to feed your pain of the soul
or  the black hole
you carry.
I tell you as I leave
That I forgive all that you have done
I give you love.

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