Friday, February 14, 2014

Four Eyes

Hey Boondocks! Sorry for the lateness on this piece of another chapter of home. Writers are busy at times and Im doing my best. But you guys and gals I will put first. This chapter of Home is just the transition of Cassandra's background a little piece of the chapter Four eyes. Enjoy!

Born and raised in  the southern part of Frank town Alaska. Its not as bad as most think. The summer is gorgeous with daisy growing in the fields, the sun ever so bright. Winters are like nothing I've ever seen. Snow pillows cover every inch of the state. I must be crazy for liking this. School here is just the bees knees. One of the many qualities I have is old fashioned and corny sayings. In school I have no friends, at the start of my freshmen year. As soon as every one saw me they immediately welcomed me in with nicknames. Calling me four eyes, hillbilly freckles or freakcles. Most of the time I just go into my own world. Other times I cry and weep when they say outsider, or immigrant. A sense of not belonging anywhere I go. At least at home I have security and honesty, a place where I belong. 

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