Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Navy Hero

Farewell At Sea

Dear Friend,
These long years with you 
Rustle  in my thoughts
like a hurricane.
Ive looked at the pictures
over and over
holding them in
keeping them locked up
and safe.
Letting them boil
as though acid through my heart.
I can't take it anymore! 
My heart is aching for your love,
Its burning my soul with fire.
I miss you more than the earth misses
the bright sun warming the grass 
on this very earth.
Flashes of our last words
echo everywhere
like a ghost
I can feel your last hug
Not wanting to let go
to leave me here alone.
I need you ever day
Your the one that keeps me 
strong, breathing life, looking at the future.
Now I sit here alone
staring at the ceiling 
waiting for you to help me. 
Through this pain I have in my heart.
I want you more than anything because 
I love you more than you will ever know.
Even though your with someone else
your still there for me. 
To cherish me and everything we had.
Now you depart at sea
after passing the test of a man.
To protect us from harm.
Now I say one thing,
give me a hug when you get back
The longest you've ever given me. 
I love you as wide as the universe.
Your dearest me.

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