Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Pain Game

Hey Boondocks! This piece was painful to write, for I have dealt with two out of the three. If you are going through abuse by someone else or yourself, get help. Tell a trusted friend or adult. They will help you whether its a place to live or counseling. For little you know they have gone through the same exact thing. Stay Strong Boonies.

Three Abusers

Im afraid
of you.
To be near ,
to hug you.
One touch sends a shutter down my spine,
Your words hurt me.
Telling me Im stupid, useless, unperfected
when I try to be it miss pleases you
For once I wish you called me beautiful
Loved me, cared about me.
You push me away with your words
When I need you the most
I can't tell you
Because im afraid of being disowned 
Everyday your words echo through my head
Something I dread hearing
For what I hear hurts me.
You are verbal abuse

goes the glass beer you through at me
cutting my arms and face.
Then you take me by the wrists to show me a lesson
by bashing me against the wall over and over.
Throwing me across the room like a game.
The anger in your eyes burns like fire.
What did I ever do to you?
What did I do to deserve this?
Ive been left with busies and black eyes.
Scares and cuts in my arms and face.
I look to my left and right
As people stare
trying to find a reason
of why i look like this.
You physical abuse.

No one likes me
No body cares
If I live or die
At least thats what the world says.
I should just give up.
I can't do anything right
Everything I touch gets ruined.
Inside demons hide,
Where my imperfections
my true self is kept locked up.
I wanna escape from these people,
this town, this world.
I wanna be in my own.
Where I can be my self
and create my own friends.
Where I have love, care, and home.
You mental abuse.

I am here
a warm welcome
a friend.
You are strong and courageous
You are powerful and kind.
You have no need to live this way.
Take it from me.
The one who lived this life.
Don't fall for the labels and judgements.
For you see, you know the truth 
Those who care will know.
The real you. 
Put your hand on your heart.
Feel that,
That is called purpose.
For you deserve much better.


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