Wednesday, February 12, 2014




Tossing, turning 
No where to hide from
The pain
Pressing your back against the wall
Head buried in your arms
Silence surrounds like a cloud 
Not a song bird, not a quake,
No creaks and grinds of the old hinges
All that is left is the sounds of sobs
A burst of endless cries.
No way out of these walls
Desperate for air and a gentle sound
From a voice any voice
All alone sleep becomes your only friend
Every nightfall a flash of your past
It's the same one over and over
Your with friends smiling seeing the world for its greatness.
Dreams soon become nightmares
Everyone you have known disappears
Never to be seen again.
Your the only one left
Gazing around the room 
A far window becomes your only light 
If your lucky a person walks past lightly
pats on the cracked pavement.
Cry out no answer
Going back to the wal in despaire with no escape
Arms are scratched and battered
To make the painful past marked in your veins
Asking your self
How could you have prevented this?
Done better?
Wishing you could save your life 
But seeing no way. 
Looking back at the window
Wanting a kiss of sunlight
A breath of fesh air for the one you breath smells hostile
The days pass
What time is it?
What day?
Suddenly footsteps aproach 
To the window 
Your heart fills with hope
As you see a girl with angle soft hair,
Blue eyes, ripped jeans, and ragged shirt
These eyes stare at you 
You soon realize this girl is you.
She whispers
Why are you trapped in your past?


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