Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sabrina Black Part 2

Dear Boondocks,     

As you have read a little about myself 
I will share a bit more.
As a writer we get inspiration from everywhere.
For me it's nature and past loves.
Its hard looking back into the past
when you know you don't want to ever go back.
Ive been hurt by many.
One guy I had for 9 months.
It was the best until he dumped me for another. 
Another, has been in it for six years.
Yet he likes be but doesn't pursue.
Ive liked him for a long time yes.
There are days I want him so bad it hurts.
Others It knaws like a parasite destroying me wish he would leave.
Nothing more but let time play its self.
Waiting for that special someone 
will be worth it in the end.
Girls, whom ever you choose 
be careful and wise.
Cause men have a desquise  
Cute and Charming they are.
But all they want is to use you.
Be careful for who you give your life to.
You only have one.
Men girls have acts
They are dramatic and a down right pain
They have confusing emotions and thoughts.
But all we ask is that you listen.
Have sympathy.
Its ok to have a heart of Gold 
But a heart of humble
is the greatest treasure and gift we could ask for.

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  1. Check spelling.. Just kidding! I Love You! <3 Great piece sis!