Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Never Ending Rose

Hey Boondocks! I apologize for the late post I have been busy but never busy for you guys enjoy!!!

Your eyes brighten any room
The light brings love into my heart
Your laughter warms hearts of many 
A smile that welcomes me into your arms 
As you embrace my body with yours
Holding and squeezing tightly
Protecting me from harm
For six years I have loved you.
Boy you spin my head round and round
With the games you play. 
Teasing and taunting me with your love.
I feel like for years I've been plucking 
Petals off a rose wondering if I'll be yours 
Sadly I await in silence and wonder
I am lost in my own mind. 
I've been waiting too long
For you my dear
Come and take me guide me out
Take me and fly into the sky
Were we can be together 


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