Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hey Boondocks!!! Its the 100th piece of this blog! As promised the next segment of my book home im currently working on enjoy!!! If you haven't seen the other segments go to the links below! Enjoy and stay strong! They are in order.

Again I'm not exactly the type of girl who attracts boys. My freckles and glasses are really considered "attractive" and " eye catching" to them. Let me explain why, I was in eighth grade in Mrs Hafer's math  class. Sitting at the desk working on a test; I was such a wiz I didn't need to double check. When I finished I got up from my seat walking and gazing at my test checking to see if I missed anything. Suddenly, I bump in to Marty, the cutest guy in school, Oh, Sorry E- e-e-xcuse me, I said hesitantly.
" It's alright," with a dreamy voice. I started my way to the teacher's desk then a his foot came in front of me my legs flew from right under me and face planted into the garbage can. I lifted my head and my face was indulged with the teachers left over lunch from that day.  Laughter echoed through the room and Marty behind me yelled " Ugly duckling, Ugly duckling," the whole room enchanted with roaring claps and laughing as I struggled to  my feet. I ran into the girls bathroom crying and stayed there for the rest of the day.

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