Sunday, April 6, 2014

Angels of the Ambulance

Up and down the street
Echoing through the ally ways
In the night
she is fading fast
For she was beaten
And betrayed by the one she loves
For he took her pride away.
Legs feel like noodles
as she feels the blood streaming down them.
Falling on the cool cement
unable to save herself.
With the last of her strength
she screams. Silence falls once again.
A women rushes to her calling the angels.
Racing with all their might
the angels coming to help save her.
Laying on the floor
breathing slowly
As blood 
moves like fog across the floor.
She can see the light
streaming through her eyes.
Slowly closing to sleep the pain away.
The beats of her heart
Play no music of life.
Hands of life shock her chest
Like a kiss
Her music begins to play once more.


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