Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Story Teller

Come! Come!
Hither! Hither!
Closer to me,
Have a seat near the heat.
Have a spot of tea with me.
Listen! Listen. 
Attention! Attention!
To the story I'm about to tell,
The moon is full I am filled with soul.
With the tall tale were about to sail!
Hush! Hush! 
Shush! Shush!
It's my turn now to bow.
Turning the tables to this old fable,
Of a classic boy and girl.
Zip! Zip!
Quiet! Quiet!
For it begins in village not to pillage.
But Of love like a flying dove.
Their fate begins at the gate.
Hush hush 
Come Come 
Listen Listen 
Quiet Queit
Shush shush . . .
It begins.


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